Roof Repair

Roofing Red Flags in Peachtree City Georgia-You May Need Roof Repair

If you notice these problems on your Peachtree Home, contact Elite Contracting right away to schedule a roof repair consultation:

  • * Excessive energy costs
  • * Exterior decay, mildew, or mold
  • * Missing, cracked, or curled shingles
  • * Dark patches on the roof
  • * Leakage in the attic
  • * Stains on interior ceilings or walls
  • * Blistering or peeling paint

No roof repair job is too small! We have been providing common roof repairs for years  (typically complete in a day) including:

  • * Chimney repairs
  • * Damaged roof vents
  • * Flashing repairs
  • * Missing shingles
  • * Skylight leaks


If anything about your roof repair isn’t satisfactory, we want to know! As an Elite Contracting customer, you’re encouraged to reachthe owner at anytime you have questions or concerns about your roof repair project. The Owner will also contact you personally once the repair is finished to make sure that you’re satisfied.

30 Years of Personalized Roof Repairs

At Elite Contracting in Peachtree City, we’re proud of our dedication to customer service. We take the time to personalize your roof repair project:

  • * We are “Your Roofing Team,” from the service support staff to the roofing installers. You’ll meet your lead service professional during your initial in-home consultation when you get your estimate, and he’ll be your go-to-guy for your entire project. He’ll be the one to determine the crew, ensure all the proper items are ordered, and complete the final inspection. You’ll have his direct cellphone number in case you need to discuss any steps of the project.
  • * We help you deal with your insurer. Severe weather, fire, or other unforeseen causes are often the cause of roof damage – and that means you’re probably eligible for an insurance claim We can assist with the homeowner’s insurance claims process as necessary.

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