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Painting Contracting

We have painting equipment and a painting specialist. Different paint jobs need variable work. Interior painting is different from painting the exterior of a house. The paint used is very different as well. All paints have four parts: Solvents, resins, additives and pigments. Solvent is what makes paint wet. Lower-quality paints use more solvents than resins, additives or pigments. The solvent evaporates as the paint dries, leaving only the resins, additives and pigments on the wall. Resins bind the pigment to the wall and are made of acrylic, silicone or epoxy. Additives are additional chemicals added to paint to change a property of the paint. Some additives prevent mildew or fading. Others make the painted surface easier to clean. And some make the paint chip-resistant or make it easier to apply. Chip-resistant paint is vital to an exterior service. There is a variety of additives to suit a variety of applications. Elite Contracting of Senoia has experts to inform and assist in painting decision making. Last, pigments is actually what gives the paint its color. Color after painting and drying will look different that during application. Most pigments don’t survive in exterior environments. Questions about paint, painting, or your help for your next painting project? Just give us a call!

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