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Do you need HELP with an insurance claim for your Peachtree City area home? Elite Contracting understands that peace of mind comes from knowing that your home is well cared for and in good repair. Your home is more than where you sleep at night. It is the center of your life and one of your largest assets.  This fact alone has wreaked havoc on many local residents as the area has just suffered through one of its biggest hail storms in recent memory.


If you have experienced hail damage and need roof repairs, your first call should be to Elite Contracting. We are a preferred contractor with many major insurance companies and are a local company, not a storm chaser, servicing the area.  If something is dissatisfying following your repair, we will come back out instantly.We take the “headache” out of a roofing insurance claim by helping you through the insurance process. With long standing relationships with insurance companies, our professional sales team is here to turn the nightmare of your hail damage into the roofing and siding solution of your dreams.A new roof isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity when there’s damage. Insurance companies understand this, and they also know, that a new roof protects a home from many other hidden issues which could cost the insurance company more money in claims.

Storm Damage Roof Repair’s

Has your home been affected by storm damage and need a roof repair in the Peachtree City area? If it has, and you’re thinking of NOT bothering with the repairs, consider the following:

  • Just because it is not visible to the naked eye, doesn’t mean hail damage wasn’t done. Did you look at your roofing or siding after a hailstorm and not see anything? You should have your roof inspected by Elite Enterprises armed with years of experience to determine if the property was damaged.
  • You may not have any missing shingles but that doesn’t mean that there are other problems with your roof. Missing shingles are the result of high winds not hail damage. You may have damage to you roof due to hail even though you do not see any missing shingles.

Often people don’t think small hail pellets cause much of a problem. Numerous small hail hits over time will dislodge roofing granules and expose the shingle matting. Dings and dents on metal roofing will eventually rust and lead to possible roof leaks. These dings or dents will rust. This will lead to an unsightly roof as well as major leak problems.

Do You Have Storm Damage Roof Repair Questions?

Did you know… that most major insurance carriers require a specific number of damaged spots or hits per square, or 10′ by 10′ area of your roof.  A knowledgeable roofing contractor like Elite Contractors will be able to assess your roof and show you photographs of roof damage. We will not encourage you to file a claim if damage is not present.

After a storm, it is wise to call us and have our professional roofing experts inspect your roof for damage. It could be as simple as replacing a few shingles or in other cases with more significant damage, designing a plan along with you to meet your roofing needs.

Did Your Know? Storm Damage Roof Repair Delays Can:

  • Reduce the life of your roofing and siding.
  • Cause bruised shingles which turn into holes which become leaks.
  • Result in unsightly mold growing in cracks begin to leak.
  • Void your roofing and siding warranties.
  • Leave you with costly repairs and cost you more time and money if you one day choose to sell your home.

Most homeowners can feel somewhat overwhelmed by the idea of how costly a new roof can be and how frustrating and sometimes confusing the whole process can be. Some disreputable roofing companies prey on homeowners by offering a “free” roof promising to waive the insurance deductible. This is illegal and can put a homeowner at risk for insurance fraud.

Call us today at 678-776-6987 for a free hail damage assessment.


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