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A polyurethane surface is no suit for Dog’s nails.


High-heel damage
THE REPAIR: If the heel left a perception.
without damaging the surface area, you could vapor it out. Fold up a.
moist meal towel right into quarters as well as lay it over the damage. Establish a.
curling iron on the towel as well as switch on the VAPOR feature. After.
regarding a min, inspect your development. The vapor ought to trigger.
the timber to swell as well as out the dinged up part. If.
required, sand smooth as well as redecorate to match the surrounding.
location. Caution: Vapor could transform some flooring completes white, so.
examination this technique on a covert component of the flooring initially.


Dog nail marks
THE REPAIR: For superficial animal scrapes, scrub a.
percentage of colored paste wax straight right into the area with.
a tidy, soft dustcloth. Allow the wax completely dry, after that buff the scrape as well as.
the bordering location to ensure that they mix effortlessly. If your.
floorings have a darker discolor, utilize a paste wax developed for.
dark timbers, such as walnut.


Dragged-credenza cut
THE REPAIR: For a deep scrape that exposes.
bare timber, usage fine-grit paper, dealing with the grain, to.
sand the scrape. Scrub mineral spirits over the sanded location to.
get any kind of great dirt. Utilizing a plastic cement blade, fill up the.
scrape with stainable timber filler. When completely dry, very carefully sand.
away the excess with fine-grit paper. Discolor to match your.
floorings, after that reseal the area with polyurethane.

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Fold up a.
damp moist meal into right into and as well as it over the dentDamage Establish a.
hot warm on the towel and as well as transform the STEAM vaporFeature

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